Day After

To get back to my real life after a day of no creativity due to family needs, I started with a morning walk to clear my head, visit my animal friends and soak in the sights and sounds of the local meadows and forest. As I walked, I thought about the latest microseason posted over on the Naturalist Weekly blog. I like to ponder whether my local microseason aligns with his historic ones.

There has been no fog here lately, even though we live so close to a river. We are in a drought. So what would my microseason be this week? Signs of Autumn’s arrival are increasing here. This is normal locally from mid-August.

I have thought a bit about this photo, and I think it might have inspired my first haiku, if I got the form right.

Red gold Sassafras
Reaching down to Mother Earth
Home soon, quiet rest

So what is my microseason? “Red leaves reach down.” The sassafras leaves are almost handlike, so it was easy for me to see them as reaching down for the ground. Learn more about Sassafras here.

A page in an old sketchbook still hangs on my corkboard. I wrote it early in my retirement from a stressful but well paying on the road consulting career. Below a quick sketch of the trail I wrote:

Long have I worked.
Far have I wandered.
And I have traded it all
For a glimpse of morning sun
On Sassafras leaves.

What are you willing to trade for a simpler, richer life?

3 thoughts on “Day After

  1. What beautiful leaves! I’d never heard of a Sassafras tree. I followed your link and was captivated by the photo of the eco print. So lovely. I’m going to give that a go and, with autumn approaching, there should be no shortage of gorgeous leaves. I loved your poetry too. Thank you for such a creative post.


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