It’s my retirement

My travels are on foot now and my days are unscheduled. Sometimes art, sometimes quilting, and sometimes snapping photos.

Latest from the Blog


Winter lost its grip this week. The long needle pine outside my window is looking a less sickly pale shade of green from the bottom branches upward: it is getting greener. Soon the empty woods across the road will acquire a distant haze of green that means the sap is rising to wake up theContinue reading “Forward”

Vicarious Travels

I must say, with Winter losing its grip on us, it would be nice to get out and see some sights. However, it seems that part of my knee becomes bone on bone with everyday things like walking and using staircases. I have bone bruises and they will take months to heal. Plan for shortContinue reading “Vicarious Travels”


Sketching is such a foundational skill, but I have been lazy about creating good sketches for my painting. Today I have not picked up a brush, but I spent some time sketching photos I would like to paint. I have an absolute fear of doing a quarter sheet watercolor these days. It has been soContinue reading “Sketching”

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