It’s my retirement

My travels are on foot now and my days are unscheduled. Sometimes art, sometimes quilting, and sometimes snapping photos.

Latest from the Blog

That took a while

We upgraded our cellphones yesterday and the migration process took most of my free time. My cloud backup did not migrate all my apps and I had to re enter all my passwords. The new phone has a much better camera. It is not a high end phone so I am quite pleased. These areContinue reading “That took a while”

A bit of fun

Lighthearted art happened the past few days. As I worked through the tone chapter in my new Bellamy book, I struggled. So I tried to do the next attempt in natural pigments. Roseips tea ( goes on red, dries blue) turmeric, coffee, walnut ink over the original grisaille with water soluble graphite. A gloomy outcome,Continue reading “A bit of fun”

Yesterday’s Art

The summer heat and humidity have arrived. I tried to get some art time in upstairs, but it gets too hot. The window air conditioners are not installed yet. I moved my oil pastels stuff to a bag on the first floor so I have something to do where it’s cooler. In the afternoon, IContinue reading “Yesterday’s Art”

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