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It’s my retirement

My travels are on foot now and my days are unscheduled. Sometimes art, sometimes quilting, and sometimes snapping photos.

Latest from the Blog

Acrylics and Me

After my last post, you will think me either capricious or hypocritical for being in an online class this week, but I succumbed to the allure of a free acrylics class on Facebook. The teacher is Shelby Dillon. I am learning a few things, but I find the difficulty with blending acrylics is frustrating me.…

Too many inputs

Photo by Mike Petrucci on We are still in various stages of the same headcold here. Not testing positive for covid, it seems like just a cold from the old days, you know, when we didn’t have to even worry that a cold MIGHT be covid. Anyway, I was going to paint today, but…

A gouache nocturne

This was done after watching a class segment on nocturne, painted scenes of the night. While I captured an overall twilight mood, I struggled with the figure. Gouache on strathmore acrylic paper.

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