It’s my retirement

My travels are on foot now and my days are unscheduled. Sometimes art, sometimes quilting, and sometimes snapping photos.

Latest from the Blog

At last a finish!

Whew, this was a long time coming. Heat and humidity have sapped my quilting energy. I have a few hours in the morning when it is cool enough to either quilt or paint a bit, or work on my passive income sites. The quilting design was one I used before. The big loopy blooms withContinue reading “At last a finish!”

Life among the Deer

It was very surprising that we had a deer herd in the neighborhood, but many years ago, I saw a buck traversing our fenceline. A few years later and they were regular visitors. I don’t think there is a lot of active herd management going on, but the deer population has remained about the sameContinue reading “Life among the Deer”

Coming along

It has been tough to make progress in the heat here. Humidity makes me whiny. I have done some new designs in gimp, slowly advancing my skills. I made the binding for a quilt that languishes in the state of almost done. I worked on my watercolor and I feel I have made a bitContinue reading “Coming along”

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