It’s my retirement

My travels are on foot now and my days are unscheduled. Sometimes art, sometimes quilting, and sometimes snapping photos.

Latest from the Blog

Somewhat Normal

That is not a description anyone would attach to me, in a general sense. I use it as a post title because after just more than a month, I feel like my life is getting somewhat back to normal after the total knee replacement on 6/23/2021. Today I drove for the first time. I rodeContinue reading “Somewhat Normal”

I Don’t Mind

I was elated that the local deer allowed my hydrangea to bloom this year. It was still blooming when I left for physical therapy yesterday. When I returned it looked like someone stopped there for breakfast before heading back to the woods across the road. They are doing a number on the hostas as wellContinue reading “I Don’t Mind”


I finished this after breakfast. I am pretty happy with it but I traced the line art provided by Colored Pencil Magazine. Sketching is my downfall. I used mostly Prismacolor Pencils and their solvent blender. Before my surgery I moved lots of art supplies downstairs to the hearth near my easy chair but I haveContinue reading “Berries”

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