About Me

The hardest thing for an introvert is to write an About Me page, but here goes.

I am retired from a rather stressful career. I have had several careers over the span of my working life. I am a wife and a mother, but not a grandmother.

I traveled a lot on business, so I do not travel much in retirement. I do not do book clubs, dinner parties or go to the theater. I walk my local trails, go to the library, workout at home, and have just enough of a social life online.

My retirement hobbies are quilting and many other types of needlework, photography and art. I consider myself a novice at all of these, so don’t cringe when you see my photos. I love to learn more and hone my skills in all those directions.

I am a terrible cook, and someday I may write a post about why I hate to cook. So it is unlikely that I will post food pictures. I don’t like to discuss politics, and I ask that you look elsewhere for political debate.

Why Siena Blue?

I was exploring passive income opportunities for a while and decided to put up a print on demand shop. It needed a name. I was very pleased with the paintbox combination of Burnt Sienna and Prussian Blue-both when they lurk as neighbors in the shadows and when they are mixed together. So that’s the deep alternatively spelled meaning of that. Maybe I will use those colors in a quilt someday. Who knows?

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