Backyard Beauty

The gardens are very neglected this year, but when I look around, there is still so much beauty.

Autumn Rambling

I managed a good long walk yesterday, probably longer than my knee wanted to accomodate, but it was worth it. Blue sky, brisk breeze with leaves beginning to dance downward. The meadow was bathed in muted colors… And some pops of gold. This is my happy time of year. My energy returns, and this year,Continue reading “Autumn Rambling”

Testing 123

I am still not ready for that watercolor tutorial. Today I tested myself on the waterfall itself. Not too bad but my rocks still need work. Here are ways I think I can improve: Use better paper. This had minimal tooth and perhaps too much sizing. Do not reconstitute gouache that was on the palette.Continue reading “Testing 123”

Rocks in My Head

Trying to focus on one thing before moving on. Sometimes I feel like me art effort is too scattered. So before I move on to another skillshare class project on waterfalls in gouache, I am working on getting my rocks and boulders to look better. Clearly, I still have work to do.

Be Blessed

Ah, little guest, difficult days ahead as the hunting season draws near. Stay on my land and the preserved woods – we will watch for poachers. May you always graze beside your lovely mother in this safe patch of woodland. And hurry up and get your winter coat on, although I love your spots. AutumnContinue reading “Be Blessed”

More Gouache

I finished the second class project in the skillshare class. Plenty of mistakes were made, but it’s done. I have a reference photo picked out for tomorrow’s effort which I will attempt without a tutorial, using what I learned doing the two class exercises. I am also taking a skillshare class by the same instructorContinue reading “More Gouache”

Autumn in the Air

I am in the middle of Sarah Burns’ second landscape class on Skillshare, and am mostly pleased with the way this turned out. It reminds me of the ferns in my local woods, but we don’t have any birch trees here. There is a second project for this class, but I am too tired. IContinue reading “Autumn in the Air”


I feel comfortable working at watercolor without tutorials now, but gouache is another story. I took two skillshare classes so far, and I want to concentrate on gouache for a while now. The first was simple but I went offscript and ended up with something short of the mark. My water control and blending needContinue reading “Gouache”


It was an unfolding nightmare set to the music of the Dies Irae chant. from the old Latin Requiem


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