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Early Winter Roundup

Time for another retrospective, since I am a bit busier than I would like. As we ushered in the winter season, I began to concentrate on snowy scenes. First I did many tutorials from artists and posted these along the way.

I also read a great post by Lee Muir Haman that was very helpful.

I tried to venture off on my own and produced this watercolor from a photograph on Unsplash.

And this little gouache sketch (sorry for the blurry photo!)

Taking a look at some snow scenes from years past (2020 and 2021), I can see that I have made progress in both watercolor and gouache. That makes me happy because it is all about the journey for me.

We have yet to see much snow here, and I hope to have time to do some winter scenes in acrylics before the first crocuses appear.

Please check back here tomorrow when I will be posting a roundup of posts from the other art bloggers who are participating in this art walk. Thanks for stopping by my booth at this virtual show. Please feel free to leave a guestbook hello in the comments.


14 thoughts on “Early Winter Roundup

    1. Thanks Lee, there is joy in the journey for me as I grow. Which reminds me of a great church song and causes me to muse on how this urge to create is an encounter with the Divine. Probably why I find it so soul soothing.


    1. I have a dormant redbubble shop that is in embarrassing shape right now and needs cleaning up and updating. But if you see anything you like here, you can get 20% off your first order.
      and a pixels shop

      My pixels shop is in similarly bad shape but feel free to have a look.

      I need to remove distracting designs and products, focus, and adjust my pricing first before adding newer work.

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  1. Yes, some lovely images here – you are really impressive as a painter! I’m not sure that I want to see numerous ads for enlarged prostrates among the winter scenes though? Might be worth reconsidering?


  2. I also think your watercolor where you “ventured off” and worked from a reference photo you found is the strongest painting of this bunch. It just works on all levels: color palette and composition in particular.


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