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This and That

Over on Naturalist Weekly, there is a description of the current microseason as The First Camellia Blossoms. It is a view more enticing than what I see around here, which could be called “The Last Leaves Fall.” With my stamina somewhat back to normal, I have been putting in my hours assisting with the raking and bagging. The forest canopy color is a pinkish gray with a few trees still holding on to yellows and reds in the foreground. I hope that the next two days of rain will bring the rest of the fall leaves down so we can bag the rest of them. Certain oak trees don’t drop them all til new growth pushes the leaves out in spring.

I have had little time for art, but I did work through a lesson on impressionist painting. Here is an acrylic painting on canvas board from that effort. I will probably touch it up some more the next time I have fresh colors on a palette. I am eager to try a lesson that was created for oils using my new Golden Open Body Acrylics.


10 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Wonderful painting! I appreciate the previous comment that referenced Monet’s grain stacks. My mind went to Van Gogh’s Wheatfield series. Thanks for sharing and linking up! Have a great week.


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