While in an energy slump this week, I have been surfing blogs and such. Here are a few posts I’d like to call your attention to for #FeatureFriday.

I love the informative blog posts of Lee Muir Haman, and she has a great post about achieving luminosity in watercolor. I like that she includes the science and real actionable tips about choosing your paints and working them together to great advantage.

If you are a photographer, consider joining the weekly linkup called ThursdayDoors. We can even do an artist tagalong, but I guess we should check with the founder of that linkup if it’s ok to link back to him.

Even though I am too lazy to sketch daily, I look forward to the daily sketching in line and wash from Art-Chap-Enjoin and HashiWorks.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday

  1. I support any post that recognizes the art and/or spirit of doors. We have photos, poetry, drawings and stories. In May 2023, we will celebrate our third annual writing challenge, where participants choose 1-3 of their favorite doors and writers base a poem, short story or flash fiction on one of those photos. Everyone is welcome, any and all Thursdays (and the challenge runs until noon Saturday,m each week).


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