Saturday Seasons

Mid September, the weather is clearly cooling. I realized there was a short window of time to complete a needed piece of outdoor work: scraping, priming and painting some areas of our shake shingled siding. So yesterday I had no time to continue with my new blogging weekly calendar.

So I did not do a #FeatureFriday post. The original intention for this post is best described by KM Gunn in her first feature Friday post.

It is funny how the mind can wander when doing something as repetitive and boring as painting shingles. I had a visual image of this, but it reminded me that I lacked Tom Sawyer’s shrewdness, although my husband was also involved with this effort.

Then my mind thought of weddings since I was also involved in getting hotel room block quotes for our son’s wedding next year. I thought of the old family story. My maternal grandparents had four daughters and no sons. Any young man who came courting was soon pressed in to helping out at my grandparents house. My dad and uncles used to joke about painting the chain link fence in return for the privilege of asking for a daughter’s hand. I can only wonder if my dad, A St. Louis native, mused about Tom Sawyer while wielding his paintbrush. One thing I do know is that my grandparents were lot shrewder than I am.

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One thought on “Saturday Seasons

  1. I like how your maternal grandfather used to get the young men to work around the house. Working together is a great way to get to know someone!
    Thanks for linking to back to naturalistweekly.
    Have a great weekend!


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