Loosening up

Yesterday, I decided to get back to watercolor and focus on loosening up a bit. I had saved a class sample I was given by my in-person watercolor teacher at the end of the spring semester. As usual, I struggled with my water control. I think I have a mental problem with slowing down. I rush to get to the next step. I don’t let the water sink in long enough when painting wet into wet. And wet into wet with complementary colors was more than I could handle!

I am sure I have lamented this tendency time and again on this blog.

I added some drybrush work that wasn’t in the original sample. I am sorry – I don’t know the name of the artist who painted the sample.

I started the painting with no great expectation of success, it was just an exercise to get back to watercolor painting in a good way. So it accomplished that purpose.

I shall keep referring back to this excellent post by Lee Muir-Haman on loosening up for advice. Wise words and great examples from the masters.

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