It’s an Introvert Party

Not a huge turnout for my first attempt at a good old fashioned link party. I am an introvert so I am not downcast over a light turnout.

Judith’s first post started it all. She is one of my favorite art bloggers. She has a studious approach to art, and I have followed along in her trail experimenting in tonalism and in following some of her art book/art course recommendations. Her posts are usually very informative, so I have to say Thanks, Judith because she has taught me so much. She has a new blind doodle post to share with us as well.

I think Katrina discovered the link party over at Judith’s blog. Here is a link to her floral blind doodle. Like many of us, she loved art as a child and is back to it after a busy life intervened.

My blind doodle posts:

The party post

The flower post

Here are some instagram links to blind doodle art.

Wow, this is what you can achieve if you blind doodle often.

This portrait could have been me before I gave up the caffeine.

This one looks like the faces you see on the NYC subway during rush hour, in the summer.

Perhaps if we try to have a link party again, we should do this type of blind doodle, where you look at your subject but not your paper while you draw. Anyone interested? I did some blind sketches this way of objects on my desk, because I am an introvert, living with an introverted husband, and an introverted adult son, so my portrait subjects are rare.

2 thoughts on “It’s an Introvert Party

  1. I am open to link parties and blog hops – if we get enough of us collaborating, we could do a full-blown blog carnival in the future. I try to do link round-up posts on Fridays also.


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