Vicarious Travels

I must say, with Winter losing its grip on us, it would be nice to get out and see some sights. However, it seems that part of my knee becomes bone on bone with everyday things like walking and using staircases. I have bone bruises and they will take months to heal. Plan for short term relief/healing is in motion (new meds, a brace to shift the weight off the bad side of the knee, crutches on the stairs, and physical therapy), but I am told the joint will need to be replaced sooner than I thought. I may still limit my painting to small formats, because I paint at a counter with a stool or on my feet. My desk is just not cleared off enough to accomodate painting a quarter sheet. Luckily I am in this international ATC trading group, and two generous swappers gave me a dot sampler from their Daniel Smith paints. I currently (still) use W&N Cotman. So I decided to do a small made up view of the rocks and one shell at the tideline, such as I would see here on Long Island Sound. When it gets just a little bit warmer, I think I can manage to take a chair up to the beach and enjoy the view first hand.

Even painting just a little bit today made my mood improve.

I had started to move toward doing bigger work, but I thought I would warm up on some non Arches paper, and that was abandoned midway through. So I shall hold off on that for a bit.

On to my vicarious travels. A while back one of my blog friends posted two great travel posts about her family jaunts. I was intrigued by the differences in the trees between the USA and India, so I decided to attempt one of her photos in gouache. I would love to see this and what other views lie just around the bend. It’s just a small 5×7″ and does not do the photo justice. As usual, I struggle with getting my water level right and getting good coverage. Gouache always challenges.

I am trying to figure out how to minimize my trips up and down the stairs. I may end up moving my art supplies to the dining room so I make fewer trips on the stairs. It’s down for breakfast, up to shower or exercise, down to tidy up the first floor and have lunch, up to paint or sew, down to cook dinner, and up to go to bed, plus a few random trips every day. In the meantime, I am glad I can check out books from the library online, directly to my Kindle or tablet.

2 thoughts on “Vicarious Travels

  1. I hope you’re knee heals soon Jo. It must bother you quite a bit for I’ve not heard you speak of it before. Do take care of yourself.
    Coming to your paintings, the pebbles look so real. I tried enlarging the photograph to see more but couldn’t and the painting of the trees and the road reminded me of my trip. How I wish I could travel again but covid cases have gone up again and school’s started too so I’m stuck. But thank you for painting this. I’d like to try painting a picture from a photograph too. Hopefully soon.


    1. Thank you Smitha. It won’t really heal. I am just trying to stave off replacement till next year. That is the only route to full mobility. Sparing this knee is causing the other one to start to hurt.


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