Weary of Winter

The remainder of February promises slush, sleet, ice and flakes-the dreaded wintry mix. There is still snow on the ground, the kind of snow that looks a bit sad and drab. We are growing a healthy crop of icicles.

The deer seem to be staying over in the woods, and I miss them! I painted this little line and wash, wishing that Miss Charlotte would come over with her kids and grandkids and much on my hedges. It will be a welcome sight. Although I have spent hours with paint and pencils, nothing is turning out well this weekend.

I am taking some craftsy classes under the cheap membership they were touting for a while. Currently I am working on a combo of watercolor and colored pencils, but struggling with the class projects. I ordered some hotpress paper, and have tried the two intro projects on Canson cold press, which I find to be a bit smoother than Arches. The watercolor washes help fill in the valleys in the tooth of a rougher paper. I am eager to do the landscape scene that is the final class project, but I will wait until my hotpress paper arrives, hopefully on Tuesday.

Here is one that turned out OK, but not great.

Other than that, my knee is finally feeling a bit better. I am riding the recumbent bike for about a half hour a day, and that may be helping to keep the inflammation down. I am managing mostly without medicine, and the knee is tracking much better. It feels a bit weak on the stairs.

2 thoughts on “Weary of Winter

  1. Wow! Those cherries look so real. I think they are perfect. I’m struggling with getting back to watercolor after my stint with acrylics so don’t want to try something new. But would love to do something like this. It’s good to know your knees are better now.


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