Ambling About

Not much to write about today. Yesterday, I had a mild case of vertigo but I was fine this morning and took advantage of the great weather to take a morning amble about the nature center. I think our foliage might be suboptimal this year, so when i see pops of red, I grab them with my camera. There was still some life in the garden area, so I shot some florals. Behind the main house, there was a small outdoor yoga session happening, and our tame friend Charlotte decided she would take her morning rest nearby. So sweet. She was at our place last evening with six of her friends.

Having ambled, I will just ramble for a bit….

Yesterday I was a bit bored so I made a cake in the pressure cooker of my ninja foodie, just to see if it works well for that. Turned out ok, I just had to bake it for about five minutes using the bake function so that the center would cook fully. The recipe calls for oil but I would use butter next time. This was an apple cake but I can use the proportions to make a plain cake as well. This 7″ cake is the best option for my small household.

Other than that, I have almost finished the big watercolor I had been working on. It is not turning out well in some respects so I set it aside to reevaluate tomorrow. I think I need to boost the saturation of the bottom area. . Not sure what to paint next. So let’s see if anyone else is doing anything of interest today….

As I am still learning the ropes of gouache vs. watercolor, I found this post by Alan Skyrme interesting. I think the lighting is captured better in gouache which shocked me, because most of my gouache attempts do not have any room for such airiness.

David Tripp shared another painting of overlooked places. Always love his sense of light and detail as well as his articulate descriptions of the inner workings of an artist’s mind.

A scroll through Gurney Journey is as good as a gallery or museum visit or a session in an art class.

Sarah Burns has a great tutorial on painting wet sand on a beach scene in watercolor.

My first little bound sketchbook is never going to look as good as this one, but it is dear to me just the same. Who knew there was actually a world sketchbook month?

OK, it’s time to slide back from this keyboard and find something productive to do. Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

7 thoughts on “Ambling About

  1. I’ll check out the links you’ve suggested. I tried doing a landscape painting in acrylic and totally ruined it. Need to get back to painting and hopefully this time it comes right. Its so distressing when it doesn’t. Charlotte seems like such sweet company 🙂


    1. I think you would like David Tripp’s blog. His writings are thoughtful and laced with literature and poetry that provide a focus to reflect on throughout the day. I have found this helpful during these months of seclusion when my mind can sink easily to despair. I need to feed it with things to ponder.

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  2. Thank you for sharing my work. I’m sorry to learn that you struggle with our current cultural climate and really hope and urge you to claw your way out of it with your art and your wholesome ideas. Your blog is lovely, and my heart melted at the sight of the deer in repose. I am just now climbing back into the blogging saddle. Don’t know why I left it for so long as things have been lovely here and every day I’ve wallowed in creative eros. I just haven’t gone public with any of it, but plan to put up pictures and ideas very soon. Thank you again for the way you reach out and inspire us. We hope we can send some of it back your way.


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