A few weeks ago, I had my days organized so I could squeeze in a few hours of painting or sketching almost every day. However, I got to a point that I was casting about for ideas to paint. Then several of the painting groups I was a member of on MeWe posted challenges. I really want to do inktober this year as well, because it will help me sketch better. So, I am now lined up for the following challenges next month. Some of them may overlap, so that is going to help.

  • Inktober Ink drawing, which will probably turn into a bit of line and wash for me, because I just need some color in everything. I will be able to post my inktober to my sketchaday app if they use the same prompts. I did 300 consecutive days of their prompts but the lockdown blues made me abandon it. I hope this gets me back in the habit of daily quick sketching. It’s open to all media including digital art.
  • MeWeBeginners Gouache Group first monthly challenge. This is a group I started, and it only has 8 members. I’d love to find more people interested in exploring gouache with us. I love the smaller groups on MeWe, and I think MeWe has more of a commitment to privacy and free speech than Facebook at this point in time. Become a member, look around at the groups and start your own groups to help it grow! Our first challenge in a monthly series of armchair travelling artists prompts is India. I may have been inspired by Smitha’s recent painting of Beneras on her blog this past week. She is a talented and thoughtful writer as well as a great artist, so poke around there if you hop to that link.
  • MEWe New Watercolor Workshop had a snow challenge in September. We will have another monthly challenge in October, to be announced soon.
  • And one more private group by invitation only where we paint with non-traditional things like coffee, tea, wine and beet juice. We are wrapping up a swap of Art Trading Cards (ATCs) which are 2.5″ by 3.5″ paintings that are easy to mail around the world.

So with these daily and monthly challenges and prompts I should be able to keep myself distracted from October politics. Of course, it will also be time to start bringing in our annual harvest of oak leaves very soon. Daily raking and bagging unless it’s a rainy day.

Today I struggled with gouache and a smoky mountain sunrise. All I can say is I learned a bit from this effort. Should have flooded the mountain crestlines down with water to do the mist instead of blending it down with white. I flooded really loose white over that mess and managed to salvage some of that effect.

4 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Thanks Jo for the kind words. So happy to know that my painting was the inspiration for your prompt. 🧡
    300 paintings! That sounds wow and super tough to achieve but I’ll try and take part in inktober…it will help me work on my sketching and like you said help me through this lockdown. Btw, I have a box of gouache paints. Got it last year but haven’t tried it. Was too scared to try something new. I will hop over to your group and check it out. I like the landscape turned out this painting- flaming red. Perfectly autumn.


    1. It was 300 sketches and paintings. If the prompt didn’t inspire me I dashed off a quick pencil sketch and crossed it off my to do list. Please join us… can be our “on location” member for this challenge. There is also a very nice group of watercolorists on mewe that i belong to.


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